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Service & Capabilities - Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment such as hydraulic rams and pumps are great for one time only projects.

• Hydraulic jacking equipment (rams, pumps, hoses, manifolds etc.) Rams ranging from 5 to 100 ton capacity; double and single acting; including center hole rams.
• Hand, air or electric operated pumps.
• Filter carts, up to 10 GPM.
• Hydraulic flushing units; 25 and 50 horsepower; up to 150 GPM.
• Hydraulic torque wrench, 11600 psi max, 7361 ft/lbs max.
• Rental units are great for construction sites where costly equipment may be needed for a single applications.
• The use of hydraulic filter carts and flushing units provide effective solutions for contaminated systems.