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Troubleshooting - Accumulators

Quick reference troubleshooting guide.

Response of accumulator is slow
A) Pre-charge is too low

B) Piston is binding

C) Weak spring(s)
A) Check pre-charge pressure and re-charge as necessary.

B) Discharge gas pressure and fluid pressure. Be certain that both are at ambient atmospheric.

C) Disassemble and replace spring(s).
Long pump-up time
A) Pre-charge too low or no pre-charge pressure.

B) Low pump volume

C) Weak spring(s)
A) Check pre-charge pressure and recharge as necessary.

B) Check GPM output of pump. See pump troubleshooting section.

C) Disassemble and replace spring(s).
Accumulator fails to absorb shock pressures
A) Pre-charge is lost

B) Pre-charge is too high

C) Diaphragm or bladder ruptured
A) Check pre-charge pressure, recharge as necessary.

B) Same as above

C) Check operating fluid temperature, reduce if too high. Bladder pinched when installed; replace following manufacturer's installation procedure carefully.
Will not hold pre-charge
A) Ruptured diaphragm or bladder
B) Charging valve leaks

C) Piston seal, diaphragm or bladder leaks
A) Disassemble and replace

B) Remove and replace

C) Check compatibility of fluid and rubber material. Disassemble and replace. Clean, flush and refill system.