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Troubleshooting - Oil Maintenance

Quick reference troubleshooting guide.

Dirty Fluid
A) Components not properly cleaned after servicing.

B) Inadequate screening in fill pipe (too large a mesh).

C) Tank air breather removed (no breather provided).

D) Open end of pipe lines and/or hoses not properly covered while servicing machine.

E) Improper tank baffles not providing settling basin for heavy materials.

F) Inadequate filtration or bypassing filter

G) Unclean fluid being added to reservoir.

H) Excessive component wear.
Foaming Fluid
A) Fluid return line not below fluid level.

B) Inadequate or broken baffles in reservoir.

C) Leak at suction side of pump.

D) Lack of anti-foaming additive.

E) Excessive flow to tank through tank return line.

F) Flow too high of velocity through return line

G) Bad pump shaft seal
Excessive Water in Petroleum Based Fluid
A) Tank cooling coils not below fluid level.

B) Cold water lines fastened directly against hot tank causing condensation within tank.

C) Filter pipe left open.

D) Water in can used to replace fluid in tank.

E) Extreme temperature differential in certain geographical locations.

F) Drain not provided at lowest point in tank to remove water collected over possible long operating periods.
Overheating of System Fluid
A) Water shutoff or heat exchanger clogged.

B) Continuous flow over relief valve (stalling under load or fluid viscosity too high or too low).

C) Excessive slippage or internal leakage at pumps or valve(s).

D) Reservoir size too small.

E) Reservoir assembled without baffling or insufficient baffling.

F) Case drain line from pump returning oil too close to suction line.

G) Hose I.D. too small causing turbulence.

H) Valving too small causing turbulence.

I) Poor air circulation around reservoir.

J) System relief valve set too high.