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Troubleshooting - Pressure Control Valves

Quick reference troubleshooting guide.

Relief valve - low or no pressure
A) Incorrect adjustment

B) Contaminants holding valve partially open

C) Worn or damaged seat, poppet or spool
A) Check pressure with gauge and readjust

B) Disassemble valve and inspect for burrs and other contaminants. Crocus seat and valve spool to remove burrs. Drain and flush system, refill with filtered recommended fluid.

C) Replace damaged parts
System overheating
A) Leaking at valve seat

B) Fluid viscosity too high or too low

C) Working pressure of system same as relief setting
A) Remove and inspect for contamination and/or burrs. Remove and repair or replace seat. Drain and flush system of contamination. Refill with filtered recommended fluid. Check valve spool for misalignment.

B) Drain, flush and refill with filtered recommended fluid.

C) Readjust setting to at least 150 psi above working pressure. If working pressure and system pressure cannot be separated by 150 psi setting, consider use of cooler circuit.
Excessive noise or chatter
A) Main pressure setting too close to remote pressure

B) Viscosity of fluid too low

C) Worn or faulty seat, spool or poppet
A) Readjust valves so there is a 150 psi remote pressure differential between all valves.

B) Drain, flush and refill with filtered recommended fluid.

C) Remove and replace.